Dear Mars Hill Youth, you truly blessed me this past Sunday

Written By: Daniel Gregory - Aug• 08•11

To all the youth at Mars Hill Baptist Church let me commend you on the tremendous job you did this past Sunday in giving testimony to all the wonderful things that occurred during your recent stay at Fort Caswell.


Let me also say that my heart was truly touched by your genuine love for Jesus Christ and the maturity you displayed by both your words and deeds in everything I saw on Sunday. During the service I teared up numerous times in hearing what you learned during your week at camp and how you opened up about how your life was impacted through the speaker as well as the Bible study times.


I cannot convey how wonderful it made me feel as a minister and a father that your lives had been established upon such a wonderful foundation of Biblical truth, love, and fellowship. You all have my utmost respect and gratitude for the character that you have developed and Christian maturity I have seen you reveal. Your display of heartfelt conviction over what was taught during your week at camp inspires me as a minister to work as hard I can to be the best pastor I can be because it vividly reminds me that Christ is still at work within the hearts of others. Your commitment also reminds me that what Christ is working for, to build others into mature Christians, is a beautiful work with beautiful masterpieces being formed each day. Thank you Mars Hill Youth, you truly inspire me and make me excited to know my little girl will one day go into this youth group.


Danny and Traci, I personally want to thank you for you are truly tremendous role models, teachers, and ones who have helped these youth mature as Christians. You are used by God more than you know and your rewards are great in heaven and are for all eternity.


Parents, thank you as well for your love, support, and sacrifice in allowing your children to come and be part of what God is doing at Mars Hill. You are the ones whom God has entrusted to provide love and affection for your children, and to help grow them up in His ways. Without you these blessing would nearly impossible. My hope is that your lives will swell with pride because of the work God has done in their lives drawing them close to Himself.


To God be the Glory great things He has done!

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