PowerPoint Backgrounds for Sermons

Written By: Daniel Gregory - Sep• 23•13

PowerPoint backgrounds for sermons are pretty much a required staple to any church that has a projector in the sanctuary. Here at Mars Hill we began using our projector for sermons a few months after I began pastoring. Since that time it has become a normal part of the preaching time.

Here are some of the Backgrounds (jpg pictures I use to make my backgrounds) I have used when I preach. I take a very simple approach when it comes to my PowerPoint presentation backgrounds. I follow a couple of general guidelines that have worked well for me over the years and they are evident in what you see below.

Usually my picture is on the left with my text on the right. Also I try and incorporate a picture that is relevant to the sermon but is not shocking or distracts from the message (it is very easy to overwhelm an audience with a picture that they cannot stop staring at and miss what you are saying entirely). In addition I rarely ever have a white or light background as I have found the text more difficult to read which hinders the purpose of having sermon notes or Scripture on the screen. I try and keep my background to a dark hue and my text white so the audience can easily read the screen with a minimal of effort or eye strain.

Finally I try my best to keep the text that I use at proper font size and style. For our sanctuary 36pt is the smallest I will comfortably go when it comes to the text that is on screen. I prefer to keep things at about 40pt but 36pt is large enough for everyone to easily see in the back and it still allows me to place a sizable amount of text on the screen. My preferred font is Trebuchet MS as it looks a little bit more polished than Arial or Verdana but reads just as well. For those that are reading this and wondering why your font matters the reason is this, certain fonts are more easily read on screen than on paper. Times New Roman reads easily on paper but on screen it can be difficult for the eye to recognize the different characters and therefore read. Verdana, Arial, and most San serif type fonts look well on screen and are their letters are easily identifiable and therefore easier to read. My advice is to Google PowerPoint presentation fonts and you will get a number of well written articles about font size and what is the best.
I hope these backgrounds are useful. Please let me know what you think in the comments below. May God richly bless your ministry as we serve our Lord and Savior and give Him the Glory due His Name.

Woman sitting alone Well (3) well (2) Well (1) Student and teacher SurrenderXSmall scale 4 scale 3 scale 2 scale 1 ropes tied together Red Carpet 2 Red Carpet 1 prisoner PrayerattheCross_slide1x_365_y_273 Patriotic - Soldier walking in boots Patriotic - Soldier saluting 2 Patriotic - solder saluting Patriotic - army boots light brown Army soldier's boots are seen during a preparation for a state funeral for the killed Bangladesh Rifles officers in Dhaka. 700-00199452 mountain climbers blue mountain climber helping Money Stack of Pennies men_talking Melchizedek-of-Salem Melchizedek Melchezidek - Corpus Christi Cathedral man with hands raised up Man with cross on back Man with broken chains on wrists man standing alone OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Man holding a cross on his shoulder Jesus' Baptism images hands reaching to each other Hands Praying Prayer MEDION DIGITAL CAMERA Oxygen Volume 11 Hands holding hands holding plant Signature hand with string ties around it Hand with string tied to finger glass of water Foot WashingEffective-Witness-Lunch1 cross-rainbow cross woodencross with family cross on hillside cross on hill cross necklace Llanddwyn Isle Cross cross light lake Cross green and yellow cross country background cross brown background cross blue background cross and heart background Cross (3) sunset background Cross - wooden necklace Cross - white and blue Cross - shining blue man standing alone OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Man holding a cross on his shoulder Jesus' Baptism images hands reaching to each other

3 magi glass Connections-Index Connection-5 connection_emotional Christmas Star of Bethlehem Christmas nativity stained glass Christmas - Shepherds Christmas - Nativity celtic cross A metallic chain with an explosed link. birthday-present Young woman reading bible bible with candle Abraham and Isaac

Cross - Necklace keychain

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  1. Toniann edwards says:

    Thank you. It’s wonderful that you are willingness to share all this with the rest of us. Appreciate it much. God bless you & your church .

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