The Pathway of Our Life Often Changes…

Written By: Daniel Gregory

Many things enter into our lives that changes the pathway we walk upon. Job loss, the rise and fall of gas prices, the new people who moved in next door and that unexpected raise at work all change the pathway we are on. Though all our paths are different one constant remains and that is we were never intended to walk our path alone. The human spirit cries out for friendship, fellowship, and love. We can see it in lives of every person, of every background, culture, and creed on the planet. The sad fact present in this world is that so many are alone, hurting, and crying out with all their lives that they do not want to travel down life’s path alone. This website is dedicated to to helping others know that they do not need to travel alone any longer. That there is One who wishes to be the greatest friend in all your life. This website is a ongoing display of the difference that my greatest Friend has made in my life. He is my friend, my Savior, and My King Jesus Christ.

My name is Daniel Gregory and I am blessed beyond measure to be pastor and call Mars Hill Baptist Church my church home. My hope is that you will explore this website and read some of the articles posted here and hopefully comment on them. I am always looking for suggestions on what to write about from deep theological issues to practical everyday questions about God and the faith. If you happen to find yourself in the area of Hillsborough North Carolina my hope is that this site will entice you tom come and visit with us at Mars Hill Baptist Church as we worship our Lord and Savior.


  1. zion says:

    Happy to read the articles… helps me grow spiritually….
    thank you….

  2. claribel says:

    Thanks for the very encouraging article. I may not be able to go to your church personally but your message online had reached and touched brethren across the miles, here in the Philippines. Again, please keep on posting.God bless.

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