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Written By: Daniel Gregory

What a person believes is usually not one of the first questions that is asked when getting to know someone, that is unless you’re a minister, then its usually asked within the first five to ten minutes of meeting someone. I also know that if I’m looking to get to know someone or listen to their sermons or read something they’ve written I’d like to know where they stand on certain issues so I thought I might as well post a relatively short synopsis of what I believe as well as my personal doctrine statement that I’ve had for a good many years.

To summarize my beliefs and hopefully not oversimplify my position on all things spiritual and theological, I believe the Bible. I believe that it is God’s written revelation of Himself to us and stands without error, I believe it is our instruction manual to discern right from wrong as well as a perfect history book to see God’s interaction with man in the past. I believe that when it comes to the things of God, faith, belief, and life in general that the Bible is the source for truth in these matters.

When it comes to being a minister, preacher, and counselor to others I believe that if I am going to proclaim something as the truth or the right course of action I believe I should have that counsel rooted within the teachings of the Bible.

In matters of personal faith I strive to have a biblical foundation for each principle, action, and attitude that I have.


  • Now in writing this I got off on a big tangent about the whole principle of knowing what I believed and why I believe it but rather than having an immensely large article I decided to write another article and you can find that one HERE

I find it much easier to witness, counsel, and help in the process of changing someone’s opinion if I can logically and intelligently point them to the Bible and say this is why I believe what I believe. This also helps in beginning a dialogue with other people of similar or differing beliefs and makes it possible to open others’ eyes in understanding a certain element of the faith or a particular stance or practice of the church. Many times in defending a particular element of the faith from the Bible I’ve found people coming to the conclusion that they have held a wrong belief or opinion for a great deal of their life all because I defended not from a standpoint of tradition or upbringing but from the Word of God.


With all that being said here is my Personal Doctrine Statement. Ironically after saying that my belief is based in Scripture there are no Bible references attached to this statement. The main reason for that is because I wrote this years ago for my resume and I wrote it for the purpose of telling church search committees what exactly I believed and I wanted to do it as best I could in the smallest amount of space. Scripture references weren’t exactly needed for that purpose so I left them out. Also, seeing this is my personal doctrine statement this was my own personal project that I worked on and, more important than proof texting everything I wrote, I wanted to truly articulate what I believed into understandable and concise sentences. I didn’t want to simply say I ascribed to a particular doctrine statement written by a particular denomination or counsel (which there are many good ones that have been written that are much better than mine). I wanted a document I could say was mine even though it sounds and looks a great deal like many others out there. I did it for my benefit and I truly believe the Lord used that process to help me mature and better understand the foundational doctrines of the Christian faith.

By no means is this document comprehensive in its scope of doctrines, nor is it perfect. As time passes I am sure it will be revised, added to, and go through many changes. Its purpose, however will not change and that is to reflect the clear teachings of the Bible.


My Personal Doctrine Statement


    • I affirm that the Bible, both the 39 books of the Old Testament and the 27 books of the New Testament are inspired by God, though written by men. These men were inspired by God and therefore wrote the infallible Word of God that stands without error as the ultimate authority in all issues.


    • I affirm that the salvation of man is reliant totally upon the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Only by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone may a person be saved from their sins and given assurance of heaven and brought into the family of God.


    • I affirm that I believe in one Almighty God who exists in three distinct persons: God the Father; God the Son; and God the Holy Spirit. These three are one each with a distinct function and person.


    • I affirm that baptism is one of only two ordinances given to be administered by the local church to believers in Christ. It is a symbol and a testimony, of the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ, and nothing more. It is only to be administered to a professing Christian, following salvation. In no way does it impart salvation to a person, or does it wash the sins of that person away. Biblically and historically baptism is by submersion, in this we see an accurate representation of Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection.


    • I affirm that once a person is born again and brought into an intimate relationship with Christ, their salvation cannot be lost. Once the relationship of God being one’s heavenly father has been established then that relationship may not be lost. Only the fellowship may be broken by that person’s choice to willfully commit sin.


    • I affirm that the church, a local body of believers, is God’s instrument for ministry as well as Christ’s bride. The church is the self-governing body of believers, baptized by submersion, that are under the headship and Lordship of Christ as well as the Holy Scriptures. It is their mission to evangelize, minister, and teach believers in Christ as well as be a witness within their community. Its role is defined by the spiritual gifts of each believer within the church. These members are also commissioned to be light and salt within the community.


    • I affirm that Jesus Christ is the second person of the Trinity, He is God, and has been from eternity past. Born of the virgin Mary by a miracle of the Holy Spirit, He is the Messiah. Christ is the Savior of the world, Who died upon Calvary’s cross to pay the sin debt of the world and rose again bodily on the third day conquering death. He is the only way to salvation, and Lord of all.


    • I affirm that the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity who is equal in deity with God the Father and Christ. He is the agent by which Scripture was inspired, and sins are convicted. He also indwells within all believers and sanctifies them to conform them to the image of the Lord Jesus Christ.


    • I affirm that evangelism is the duty and the mission of every believer within the body of Christ. Evangelism is the charge to take the Gospel of Christ to a dark and dying world. It is to tell of the love that Christ has for them, as well as the desire Christ has to know them in an intimate way. Evangelism is the call to bring others to a personal knowledge of Jesus Christ and a personal relationship with Him.


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